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Introducing TextTest and Acceptance Testing
Comparing tools for acceptance testing of non-interactive calculators
Test Persistence Format
plain text logs
table of inputs and expected outputs
Drives application via
command line, standard input, environment variables
Assertion mechanism
compares expected output values from table with those returned by test API
Code changes required to get started
plain text conversion of output
(can also log relevant behaviour)
creation of a test API
Languages supported
Java, .NET, Python, Perl, Smalltalk, C++
System resource usage testing
CPU time measured directly
Anything else can be logged
Can “save” exact or averaged results
Any measure can be returned via API methods No support for “saving”
Integration with other tools
Parallel testing on grid (SGE or LSF) Bug-reporting (Bugzilla)
Wiki (using FitNesse)

Last updated: 05 October 2012