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Capture-Replay Mocking with CaptureMock
Downloading and installing CaptureMock
Latest release
Releases may be downloaded from the Launchpad project pages. They can also be installed directly from Python's packaging system via "easy_install capturemock" or "pip install capturemock". We aim to make a few releases a year, with attendant bugfix releases when required.
If you didn't run pip or easy_install already, go to the "source" directory and run "python install".
Latest development version from source control
There about 100 automated acceptance tests for CaptureMock, using TextTest, and we aim to keep the contents of source control stable and usable at all times. Anyone wishing to make changes should obviously get hold of this version also. The code is hosted on Launchpad and can be browsed online here.
To get hold of the latest version, you will need to install the Bazaar version control tool. You can then just do "bzr branch lp:capturemock" to get the latest code.
Contributing to CaptureMock: the tests and documentation
Adding functionality isn't just a matter of writing code: new code also needs to be tested and documented before it's complete. You should therefore get the latest version of the tests also, this is done via "bzr branch lp:/~geoff.bache/capturemock/tests". You can then run your changes against these tests and add new tests if you add new functionality.
The self-tests expect you to set TEXTTEST_HOME to the parent directory of your branch, they can then live alongside other tests you write in a single directory structure if you want to set it up like that.
The tests assume that the source to be tested can be found in the location $TEXTTEST_HOME/../CaptureMock. If you put them somewhere else you'll need to tell it this. This is controlled by the setting in the file default_site/site_configfile in the tests: you can either edit this locally or preferably, copy the file to site/site_configfile and edit it there, where it will be read instead of the default_site location. This also means it won't show up as a change when you check status in Bazaar. You can also make other locally-relevant configuration changes for the tests in that file.
We make every effort to ensure that the self-tests are always green. If they fail on the current source for you, the first thing to do is to check their status in the nightjob. This page is updated nightly with the result of test runs on Linux and Windows. If something is failing you can check in the nightjob history to see if it is also failing there. (Coverage information is also available there)
The source for this website can also be retrieved from "lp:~geoff.bache/texttest/website-trunk" if you find errors in the documentation, or your changes require extra documentation.

Last updated: 05 October 2012