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Downloading TextTest
Latest release
On Windows, download the Windows installer from the SourceForge download site. On POSIX systems, install TextTest directly from Python's packaging system via "sudo pip install texttest" or "sudo easy_install texttest". A tarball may also be downloaded from the SourceForge site above.
Pre-releases can be obtained also by supplying the "--pre" flag to "pip install", above. These are usually fairly stable, if not always fully documented, see below.
We aim to make a couple of releases a year here, with attendant bugfix releases when required. See the installation guide for more details.
Latest development version from source control
Due to over 1000 automated acceptance tests for itself, written in itself, the contents of source control are almost always quite usable. Anyone wishing to make changes should obviously get hold of this version also. The code is hosted on Launchpad and can be browsed online here.
To get hold of the latest version, you will need to install the Bazaar version control tool, as well as the other dependencies listed in the installation guide. You can then just do "bzr branch lp:texttest" to get the latest code.
On a POSIX-based system, you can just run this code directly from the source tree, by running "bin/texttest". On Windows you need to install it, either centrally or into a Python virtual environment, by running "python install", as with any other Python program. This has its advantages on any system, especially if developing, where you can also do "pip install -e" to install a link which means that source code changes are reflected immediately.

Last updated: 08 July 2015