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Publications, Presentations & Events
The following presentations and papers can be downloaded. They are here mostly for reference, most are very old by now.
Detailed info : Printed publications
At XP2005 in Sheffield, UK, we presented a poster “Web Applications, Multithreading, Parallel Testing and Multiple Components: Further Adventures in Acceptance Testing” (Geoff Bache, Johan Andersson and Claes Verdoes), outlining the work we had done in the past year: introducing JUseCase and WebUseCase, exploring the issues around testing multithreaded applications, discussing parallelising acceptance testing and how to test multi-component systems.
At XP2004 in Garmisch, we presented our testing approach in a full paper The Video Store Revisited Yet Again: Adventures in GUI Acceptance Testing” (Geoff Bache and Johan Andersson), particularly introducing the concept of a use case recorder and how the approach can be used to test GUIs also.
At XP2003 in Genoa, Italy, we presented a full paper XP with Acceptance Test Driven Development – A rewrite project for a resource optimization system” (Geoff Bache, Johan Andersson and Peter Sutton) outlining in more detail our team's process and how the newly released TextTest fitted into that. Peter Sutton was the customer on the relevant project.
At the XP2002 conference in Alghero, Sardinia, we presented a poster One Suite of Automated Tests – Examining the Unit/Functional Divide” (Geoff Bache and Emily Bache) exploring how to define acceptance testing and presenting our experiences in using acceptance testing rather than unit testing to support XP-style development.
Detailed info: Workshops and tutorials
At Agile2008 in Toronto, Canada we ran two sessions : Text-based Acceptance Testing with TextTest”, which included a lengthy demonstration of how to do test-driven development with TextTest, and Use-Case Recording: Testing a rich client UI by recording in a domain-specific language”, which was a talk and brief demo around how to test user interfaces by recording 'use cases' in a domain-specific language.
In 2007 we ran a “Coder's Dojo” based around a little exercise in Python using the testing techniques described on this site. The basic aim is to showcase how to drive development from acceptance tests rather than unit tests. This was then run at both XP2007 in Como, Italy, and Agile2007 in Washington DC.
At XP2006 in Oulu, Finland, I ran an upgraded version of the tutorial described below, together with Emily Bache. This focussed on two small but non-trivial problems, a low-level build script with lots of system dependencies and a Java GUI working against a database. Unfortunately the site for XP2006 seems to have been removed, while those for 2005 and 2004 are still active.
At XP2005, I ran two workshops “Hands on Domain-driven Acceptance Testing using TextTest, FitLibrary and Exactor” and “Exploring Best Practice for XP Acceptance Testing”, jointly with Rick Mugridge, author of FitLibrary and Brian Swan, author of Exactor. As part of the first one I presented TextTest and StoryText, essentially summarising the material on this site. As part of the second one I presented an overview of record/playback tools and approaches.
At Europython 2005 a week later, I ran a tutorial jointly with Emily Bache. She presented an introduction to TextTest based on how she has used it in her team, and I presented some of its more “advanced features”. These presentations are aimed more at Python developers than the general audience. Johan Andersson also presented a session on Using tests for team motivation”, highlighting the use of TextTest for acceptance testing.
All four of these presentations are available (zipped) in OpenOffice and Powerpoint format. They are all originally OpenOffice so they may be a bit mangled in Powerpoint...

Last updated: 05 October 2012