Testing GUIs with TextTest and StoryText
Using StoryText on wxPython apps
wxPython support is currently beta status. Development is currently ongoing, with many new widget types supported in StoryText 3.7. It might be usable on a simple application.
Widget Naming
As discussed elsewhere, StoryText identifies widgets by Name, Title, Label and Type, in that order of preference. Many widgets simply don't have a Title or a Label attached to them and hence if you don't set names on them, they will be identified by Type, which will not work if you have more than one of them. Besides this, widget titles and labels may not be unique, or they may change depending on e.g. today's date. It's fair to say that almost every non-trivial application is going to need to set at least some widget names before StoryText will work smoothely.
Widget naming in wxPython is a matter of calling the SetName method:
button = wx.Button(frame, 1, "Hello")
button.SetName("hello world button")

Last updated: 05 October 2012