Testing GUIs with TextTest and StoryText
Using StoryText for testing, together with TextTest
StoryText may be useful on its own without using TextText, for demonstration purposes or for a limited form of testing, but it was created essentially to enable GUI testing with TextTest, which is why it generates you a log rather than providing you with an API for writing assertions.
You are therefore encouraged to download TextTest also and try to use the combination. There is a detailed tutorial here for the combination, with lots of screenshots to help you get started.
It may be possible to use it in combination with a unit-test like tool with explicit assertions but it hasn't been built with this in mind and you'd probably have to do a fair bit of development work. It's also difficult to see how this could be done without reintroducing so much of the dependency on GUI mechanics that makes traditional GUI-test tools so brittle. See here for more development of this idea.

Last updated: 05 October 2012